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Structured Family Caregiving

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Providing Care For A Loved One At Home?

ATTENTION: You may qualify for INDIANA MEDICAID PROGRAM that pays a family member or friend to care for a loved one.

Experience peace of mind, financial relief, and exceptional care with
the support you both deserve.

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Discover The Benefits of Structured Family Caregiving

Experience personalized support, expert training, and financial assistance designed to enhance your caregiving experience. FirstAround Consulting is here to help you on this rewarding journey.

Personalized Care:
Receive care from a loved one who understands your needs, ensuring comfort and familiarity.

Financial Compensation:
Receive compensation for the care provided, easing financial strains, and allowing the caregiver to focus on providing the best care possible.

Comprehensive Training:
Access high-quality training programs designed to enhance your caregiving skills, ensuring the caregivers are well-prepared to deliver exceptional care.

Consistency and Trust:
Enjoy a consistent, trusting relationship that reduces anxiety and enhances well-being.

Dedicated Support:
Benefit from ongoing support from our experienced caregiving coaches who are there to assist you in overcoming any challenges you may face. Structured Family Caregiving through FirstAround Consulting enhances the quality of life for both caregivers and the person needing care.

Empowering Caregivers with Essential Resources & Unwavering Support

FirstAround Consulting leads the way in Structured Family Caregiving services, offering a unique and comprehensive approach that sets us apart in the industry. Understanding the challenges of caregiving, we provide personalized resources and essential support to enrich the caregiving experience for both caregivers and recipients, enhancing overall quality of life.

  • Access educational resources, workshops, and support groups.
  • Enhance the well-being and quality of life for both you and your family member.
  • Elevate your skills and confidence with personalized and comprehensive support.
  • Receive professional guidance from experienced caregiver coaches and registered nurses.
  • Coordinate care with healthcare professionals and community resources for your family member’s well-being.
Let FirstAround Consulting Help Get You Started

We understand the importance of family members stepping up to care for their loved ones. Our Structured Family Caregiving program is tailored to support and empower families in this noble journey.

  • Education
  • Coaching
  • On-Going Support
Eligibility Requirements

To participate in our Structured Family Caregiving program, caregivers are required to meet the following criteria:

Reside within our service area to access our specialized support network.

Live with the individual requiring care to facilitate a nurturing and supportive environment.

Financial Eligibility:
Be eligible for Medicaid or fulfill the prerequisites for a Medicaid Waiver to benefit from our comprehensive services.

How It Works

Our process is centered on simplicity and assistance, ensuring a smooth transition into your caregiving role:

1. Initial Consultation:
We begin by evaluating your eligibility and the specific care needs of your family member.

2. Caregiver Training:
Through comprehensive training and personalized coaching, we equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in your caregiving

3. Ongoing Support:
Our dedicated team is committed to providing continuous guidance, support, and access to valuable resources to assist you throughout your caregiving journey.

—Lloyd N.

I am disabled and rely on First Around Consulting for assistance with daily living, transportation, and more. They have exceeded my expectations in scheduling and staff availability. The responsiveness of their team is unmatched. I highly recommend FirstAround Personal Services for their exceptional performance and reliability."

—Ashley W.

I chose CIH Residential Services from FirstAround Consulting for independence, meeting new people, and a healthier lifestyle. The 24-hour staff support has transformed my life, ensuring medication management and maintaining a clean environment. I highly recommend FirstAround Consulting for their professional and caring staff.”

—John F.

I turned to FirstAround Consulting for comprehensive support that could handle both my healthcare needs and daily living tasks. The combination of professional healthcare with everyday activities offered by FAC seemed perfectly suited to help me maintain my independence while receiving he necessary care. FirstAround Consulting exceeded my expectations."